Media Lawyers

Media law is a mix of legal services encapsulated within the entertainment industry including but not restricted to intellectual property law, contract law and employment law.

It’s important to contact professionals when dealing with legal issues, such as Rollingsons London Solicitors so you’re aware of your options and you can make an informed decision with the backing of someone or an entity which is knowledgeable in this area of law.

If you ever find you and your media services partner going back and forth over the same ground trying to get a grip on what your audience is up to, you need a new partner.

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For the database to deliver to expectations and to be a true asset, data quality is of absolute importance. MS`s approach helps up effective and profitable direct marketing campaigns.

One of the biggest issues that media solicitors have to deal with is intellectual property. Often there are disputes over the rights to intangible assets which are constantly increasing as we rely more and more on a knowledge based economy.

Sadly this often leads to us having to get involved in an attempt to mediate between parties, and when this fails we have to resort to litigation and going to court. It is always best to get advice on intellectual property from the beginning with an idea or a company so that it doesn’t get to this unpleasant stage.