Media law is a very specialist area of law closely related to contract, commercial and intellectual property law. It provides the framework for a wide range of legal issues relating to the media and entertainment industry.

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Specialists work alongside the firm’s corporate finance, employment, property and dispute resolution teams to provide a full service to clients.

Media & Entertainment Law Solicitors

This year’s event focuses on how to make online news services pay for themselves. The sessions bring together seasoned editors and publishers to share their experiences of launching and managing profitable online editions.

Putting the day’s stories online has never been more necessary. Tell your stories on the Web and start a conversation with your public. Then enter them in the Awards to measure yourself against the best.

These few simple tips will certainly help and for all those separating business partners.

The legal position is that if someone else is wholly or partly to blame for your accident, then you may be entitled to compensation. We can provide a free assessment of your prospects of succeeding in a claim and advise whether another person or body, such as your employer, other driver, a public body, or for example, a seller of manufacturer’s faulty goods, is liable to you.

We have over 17 years of experience and a fan base that includes some of the best known names in interactive media, so you can be sure Broadsystem is equal to the big occasion too.

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